OCZ Vertex 3 Running On Core i7 Ivy Bridge Mobile

18 iulie 2012, 12:22am

I recently got an OCZ Vertex 3 SDD for a new hardware configuration I am using involving a mobile quad-core Ivy Bridge laptop, and given I already discussed the OCZ Agility 3 series performance in one of my previous posts, running on the still widely spread (due to its excellent performance) Sandy Bridge architecture, it only felt fair I made a quick review of its bigger brother's performance as well. Keep in mind that while OCZ Agility 3 was tested on a desktop custom-overclocked Sandy Bridge system, this benchmark was performed on a default quad-core i7 Ivy Bridge laptop. Here are the results:

You can see that starting with 256KB block transfers, the transfer rate gets close to the upper limit saturation, particularly reaching a top peak of 543.6 MB/s for writes (exactly the same aş the Agility 3) and 520.3 MB/s for reads (only about 1.7% faster than the Agility 3). The OCZ Agility 3 does not handle incompressible data as good as the Vertex 3, however the lower-size block transfers performed better on the Agility 3. Overall, the Vertex 3 is an excellent choice and offers great performance that significantly makes the computing experience better - no wonder the SandForce controller's performance is the top-notch deal for power users, both in desktop and mobile environments.
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