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Ultima actualizare: 9 mai, 2007

In urma experientelor avute de-a lungul anilor, in relatiile mele cu clientii aplicatiilor sau design-urilor pe care le-am realizat, s-au strecurat si cateva aprecieri critice ale acestora.

Redau cateva dintre ele mai jos, fara o ordine anume.

"Top Job! Thanks."

"[...] have shown to provide hassle free work for the buyer. Suggestions are volunteered by them as opposed the the buyer having to micro-specify every detail. This is necessary as the coders are the experts and not the buyers, but unfortunately not all coders or software companies work like this. Quality, competive pricing and early delivery are a given [...]. No problems of any description with this team."

"Excellent to work with. Great communication. Very fast response. Look forward to doing more work in the future with [...]"

"They were wonderful. They did the work far quicker than I ever expected for it to be finished. They did a great job and they responded immediately and cheerfully to everything I needed, including my request for tweaking the final product. I would highly recommend them and will certainly go to them first for any future projects I might have."

"I have been extremely impressed with the quality of work."

"I'm going to ask that everyone stop using Ciprian.I have a LOT of work for him to do! ;~)"

"Among the best coders I ever worked with. [...] was great."

"Superb, excellently produced help manual."

"Good job. I look forward to work in the feature with these guys. Highly recommended!"

"Great job!!!"

"Superb, excellently produced help manual."

"Super work."

"As always a great job completed on time! Amazing programmer!! THANKS AGAIN!!"

"Very, very good work! Completed ahead of schedule, and over delivered greatly. Would be hard pressed to find anyone better [...]"

"One of the best programmers that I have dealt with, on time, finishes projects within days, makes modifications within hours. Great service"

"Superb as usual, [...] the attention to details makes it a pleasure to work with him. Highly recommended, first class programmer."

"These people are the best! No lies, No Fluff to point and made it happen. Told me what they were capable of (alot) and what they weren't."

"Totally Overhauled our software and got a ton of bugs Out!!! Why use anyone else? This is the best software team for hire..."

"[...] did an excellent job. They completely redesigned my software and added many new features. Everything was done very fast. Overall it was a great experience [...], I will work with them in the future."

"Highly Recommeded. Always does an excellent job :)"

"This is likely one of the top developers around. Ask and you shall recieve. They do what they say and always follow up. Very highly recommended to anyone considering their services."

"This group is great! They do very fast and very good work. I recommend this group to anyone...Thank you again for such a pleasurable experience."

"Excellent work, very friendly and helpful. Will definitely use again."

"Fast, Quick and Great Quality, the programmer did extras I did not even ask him for or pay him for, he is great and delivers everything on time and responds to emails literally before I click the send button!"

"A terrific, worry-free experience. This developer maintained solid communication throughout the entire process and delivered a project that was above and beyond my expectations. I highly recommend this developer. A+ - Thanks!"

"Perfect work ? My experience, absolutely FANTASTIC transaction [...]. Patient, understanding and extremely flexible throughout our entire project. Communications were outstanding, consistent, in English and timely without incidents. Product qualities are second to none! If your considering ANY dealings [...], should you elect another provider, your missing an opportunity to work with a quality oriented coder/programmer. 100% satisfied, completely!"

"Cipy is an incredible programmer. Not only does the program work to perfection but it was done before deadline. We not only ended buying the SPAM Filter from Cipy but 6 other programs as well. This guy never sleeps. I am in the USA and he is 7 hours ahead in Romania and he is dealing with me at 3 am! We are always looking for great programmers and Cipy and his team will more than meet your expectations. CIPY IS THE MAN FOR YOUR JOB. Webmaster Al AllEmailCompanies.com"

"Completed work on time as usual and understood requirements even when we didn't explain them fully."

"Very Impressed with their work, excellent in their replies to my e-mails and questions, would definitely use again."

"Found Errors in other Coders Work, Excellent as Always. Friendly, and understanding."

"Highly above Average Coder! Excellent to work with on a daily basis."

"Produced product faster than I could find a time to test it. Very happy with the product."

"Coder did a Great job and went far beyond expectations. A must use programmer."

"Second project completed [...] and both were done to specifications. Very pleased with the quality of work provided. Will definitely be doing more work in the future. They are very Highly recommended!"

"Another great project. A first-class effort!"

"Excellent work! Timely, Professional, I WILL use again."

"Excellent Work, Professional, Quick to Respond, Did exactly what they said they would do. Exceeded Expectations."

"Excellent work and lightning fast turn around times. Far exceeded my expectations. I would Highly recommend [...] for anyone else. I will certainly work with them again for any opportunity that arises."

"They not only delivered what they promised but made changes per my request. Excellent to deal with. They were very understanding!"

"The Coder showed devotion to complete the work although there was slight delay. Communication with coder was very good and responsive. The work was completed after some iterations.
Probably, the specification was not clear to the coder at the beginning."

"Very good, sincere developer. helped me with the script in under an hour! A powerful fast coder. Thanks! Keep up the good work."

"Coder was excellent to work with, made changes quickly and accurately. Would use anytime! Thanks."

"TOP-NOTCH programmer! Lightning fast code, made modifications quick and with GOOD QUALITY. Will definitely do business with [...]. I had my program ready in just a few days. WOW! Thanks again! Would highly recommend to everyone who needs their work done, fast and with OUTSTANDING Quality!"

"Excellent work, regular communication, improvements added to the project and all completed before the deadline. Can I say more? Great company to do business with!"

"Fine work, including a nice job on the graphical interface - very few programmers manage that one. Was a little impatient when illness took me offline for 3 days near end of the project, but we took care of that easily. I'll be using them again - in fact, I'll be having them add more to this program! - and putting them on my private programmer list."

"[...] did an excellent job testing the software and I don't believe that they overlooked any issues. They created meticulous reports and offered many suggestions to improve the program. Digital was very patient in re-testing after sending updates. I definitely recommend that you use them for beta testing."

"Very good the coder worked really hard to get job done and was ontime with the project."

"Very cooperative and fast. Thank you for the good work."