OCZ Agility 3 Series Benchmark

3 martie 2012, 05:34pm

Here is a benchmark performed on my system (using an Intel-based SATA controller, part of the P8P67 chipset) of the Sandforce-based OCZ Agility 3 series SSD drive. I took the time to perform a quick test using ATTO Disk Benchmark, HD Tune and (although not the best benchmarking tool existing, and not the most accurate either) AŞ SSD Benchmark. You can find the results obtained in the screenshots below. Everything about this drive exceeds the numbers advertised for this disk, reading/writing speeds peeking on my end at 511.5 MB/s for writing and 543.6 MB/s for reading the data.

The odd part is that HD Tune 2.55 did not reflect the standard of the drive to be SATA-III, but then again this may be a bug in the software as I never got the proper SATA-III recognition for the rest of my other drives.

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